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leave your website

What Makes Customers Leave Your Website

Terrible web layout makes bad introductions on its guests dismissing them from visiting the webpage. Surfers hate to visit websites that take too long to be accessed. Sites comprising of various pop-ups which spring up upsetting the site guests are likewise disappointing. A poor site...

Digital Marketing

How do I Rank Higher in Google?

The word "search engine optimization" refers to a set of methods and techniques for increasing the number of visits to a website by maintaining a high ranking in search results. Having the website understandable for both consumers and search engine robots is a significant part...

digital transformation

Predicting the Future of Digital Transformation

Organizations have been debating digital change for years, and the years 2018-2020 are projected to be vital for leaders to prepare for and execute it through sectors. There is common awareness among senior executives that digital technologies' role is changing from marginal productivity to becoming...

Social Media Marketing

How is Social Media Shaping Branding?

The impact of social media is so vibrant that prominent social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram itself become a ‘verb’ like Google. In terms of branding, social media poses various challenges to marketers and also facilitates their journey to reach a vast audience. It was...