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How Social Media is Shaping Sports

Gone are the days when you used to wait till the evening to find the sports news and updates regarding the latest game. You can get a push notification from the social media platform regarding any updated information in today’s digital world. In addition, you can watch the game from anywhere at your convenience.


Social media has evolved the way sports stars, clubs, and fans are interacting. From the advent of social media, it has set up a revolution in our day-to-day life. The impact of sport social media on sports has genuinely evolved the conventional way of interaction and sports events.


Social media platforms offer a minefield for individual users. On the other hand, social media channels, including blogs and video channels, are transforming the nature the sports reporting for journalists. A recent study by La Trobe University Sports Center reported that Australian sports journalists frequently inquire about social media platforms before publishing their journals. It is, therefore, a great source of news that is published across multiple platforms.


“… there’s a lot of new media out there that’s really changing up the way that we view our news, […] but particularly in sport, it’s had a really interesting impact. […] I’m thinking of things like online-only websites or broadcasts, blogs, places like the Sporting Journal, which is a website run by a fourteen-year-old who actually managed to get accreditation to go to the London Olympics”.


Sports enterprises are presently developing separate media platforms and, like NBL, AFL Media, surpassing the traditional news media for broadcasting their own games. The changing landscape of these sports organizations can tell a vivid story of the sports personality to their fans directly through social and digital channels.


 Crowd CEO Jamie Sergeant explained:


“As an agency that is devoted to broadening our horizons and working with clients in various industries all across the globe, we make a concerted effort to be at the forefront of the latest news, technology, and ideas for as many sectors as possible. By writing whitepapers such as this one, it not only allows our team to become more well versed on particular topics, but it also gives us the opportunity to show prospective clients that we know what we are talking about and can make a world of difference to their brand”. 


With the increasing focus on social media for internet marketing, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has been woven into the world of sports. Almost every significant team now has a social media account where relevant announcements are made directly to all the fans. More than 60% of sports fans follow their favourite game online now.


Moreover, with the advent of the Covid19 pandemic, sports event has taken a new dimension. Social media has not only helped in better engagements with the fans, but it also led to new job opportunities. Therefore, it also makes it possible for sports professionals to be more accountable and engage with the broader community.

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