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Grow Your Brand Using Tiktok

TikTok is a new social media giant that is entirely dedicated to video content. Marketers have researched 82% of all web traffic will capture videos. Although TikTok is not the numero uno social media platform, it is the most downloaded application of 2020. It has a large user base that is predominantly under 25. Research also suggests each user spends around 46 minutes on a daily basis. It gives a new and exciting opportunity for branding for targeting young people.

Apart from its natural appeal for branding, TikTok provides a self-service advertisement platform, creator marketplace, and other essential facilities for promoting brand awareness. Brands can include industry secrets, tips, and tricks to gain more exposure on the platform.

Be trendy on TikTok

During this anti-germ pandemic of COVID-19, the WipeDown challenge is a very popular one. It shows a different version of their looks. Fashion brands can leverage this challenge by featuring an appropriate influencer wearing their clothes and beauty products during their third wipes. Once you finalize the idea, always make the video genuine and professionally edited. The purpose is to add more value, quality, and professionalism to your videos.

Alternatively, brands can record videos themselves with employees as the stars and with advanced video editing services, give it a polished finish and make it professional.

Win customers heart with entertaining content

Young adults and teenagers make up over two-thirds of its user base. It has directed to carve a niche as major players to provide entertaining and fun content. TikTok users generally prefer entertaining and lighthearted content. The brand would not make much impact on the audience by intellectual product demos and testimonial videos.

Therefore, brand planning is to give greater exposure to products and services. Showcase the product and services in an entertaining way to win users’ hearts and ensure more engagement.

Focus on user-generated content

TikTok’s phenomenal growth is the reason for its ability to induce viewers to shape as a content creator. More than 35% of the users have tried hashtag challenges, and over 16% of all videos are related to hashtag challenges. It can generate thousands of responses and millions of views.

 Besides promoting products or services, hashtag challenges also provide customers the voice or opportunity to express their opinion. Perhaps, the largest benefit is customer engagement and connection between the customers and brands.

Promote business with TikTok ads

Organic marketing strategies take time to generate an outcome. Even the best influencer cannot guarantee the success of your video. Or, the idea behind a video might go out of fashion before your targeted audience finds them. To resolve this issue, TikTok has introduced paid advertising. Brands like Nike, Disney have money to shower for advertisement, whereas small businesses take time before opting for paid marketing.

If you can allot a budget for TikTok advertising, it is better to go ahead with an professional ad account.

Now it’s up to you

If your business has a young target audience, TikTik is the ideal platform to capture their attention. Consider these tips and explore more avenues through TikTok.

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