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How To Get On Page One of Search Engines Using SEO

— How To Get On Page One of Search Engines Using SEO

Internal backlinks: link pages to one another by putting URLs in the text

External backlinks: link posts on social media etc. to your site by putting URLs in the text

Use key words in text

Insert backlinks to our website, to our other blogs/videos, and to all external resources you can think of

Include links to other relevant posts on your blog (“read more…” / “similar articles”)

When writing on other platforms, embed links to the website on keywords. E.g. When you say the word “expert” in a blog on reddit, link the word to the cedar start up expertise page, or to another relevant blog

Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find long-tail keywords, then structure some content around those.

Get a google analytics account and track metrics as shown here: http://blog.loginradius.com/2014/08/metrics-every-business-should-track/

Google analytics tracking ID UA-58433559-1

Add links to

  • Related articles
  • Other pages on your website
  • Other websites (e.g. where you got your info from, and useful resources websites)

Ensure landing pages are relevant, functional, engaging, and have a clear call to action

Add a share and subscription widget to every blog and resource page

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